I started Infusion Furniture in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood after a short engineering career and several years in other workshops in Boston and Providence – working first at Dixon Brothers’ Woodworking in Boston’s South End and later with Rhode Island furnituremaker Hank Gilpin. Since 2006, and with some help, I’ve been designing and building modern furniture and other custom woodwork for residential clients and commercial projects such as hotels, restaurants, retail stores, etc.

The collection of work shown here represents some of what we have built over the years. Some pieces are designed and built in response to clients’ needs, others are purely speculative. Some are custom pieces designed by our designer clients. Some have been re-worked for improvements. Regardless of the origin, the collection is evolving, expanding, and improving, I hope. It is also ‘curated’, with the hope of maintaining a cohesive look and style and brand identity.

That look is modern and minimalist, but with some interesting details, colors, and a handcrafted feel that is hopefully distinguishable from mass-produced furniture. Functionality is equally important. Whether it’s a small stool, or a large reception desk, we’ll always consider the practical details, to provide the best “user experience” possible. And I think we’ve been successful at creating some unique and highly functional pieces, such as the Transformer Table, and others.

So please browse the website and enjoy. This work is truly a labor of love and I think it shows. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, on our stock pieces, or on a new and different custom project, whether furniture, cabinetry, or other custom woodwork. Thanks, Quentin