I started Infusion Furniture in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood after a short engineering career and several years of working in other workshops in Boston and Providence. Since 2006, I’ve been designing and building modern furniture and other custom work, with some help, for private residential clients and commercial projects. The commercial projects include work for hotels, restaurants, offices, and residential developments.

The collection of work shown here represents some of what we have built over these years. Some pieces were, and are, built in response to clients’ needs, others are purely speculative. Some are custom pieces designed by our designer clients. Regardless, the collection is evolving, expanding, and improving, I’d like to think. It is also ‘curated’, with the hope of maintaining a somewhat cohesive look and style, i.e. brand and identity.

That look is modern, in general. More specifically, it is clean and simple, but with some interesting details and colors, and a slightly handcrafted feel, hopefully distinguishable from sterile mass produced furniture. Wood has been our primary material, because that’s what we know best, but we do incorporate other materials, like acrylic, laminate, metal, stone, etc., and will continue to do so, in pursuit of that modern look and style.

Functionality is just as important as aesthetics. Whether it’s a small stool, or a large reception desk, we’ll always consider the practical details, to provide the best “user experience” possible. And I think we’ve been successful at creating some unique and highly functional pieces, such as the Transformer Table. This is where the engineering comes in, which I enjoy as much as the artistic side. I want the pieces to be used, not just looked at.