Quentin Kelley furiture designer and furniture makerQUENTIN KELLEY – I started playing with tools around age 3 in my grandfather’s basement workshop. Around the same time my father was building the western MA house that I grew up in. Over the years I helped with everything from framing and finish carpentry to cutting trees, splitting firewood, and building stone walls.

I survived an engineering program at Cornell University. Then I spent 2 years as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic, working on water systems and latrines. I also built some furniture while I was there, and began to think about a career change to woodworking.

At Dixon Brothers Woodworking in Boston’s South End I learned woodworking fundamentals, while building many, many doors and other architectural elements. I then spent some time with Rhode Island furniture designer Hank Gilpin, who taught basics of furniture design, construction, and history, but most importantly how to run a small shop.

Since 2006 Infusion Furniture has produced high quality and innovative modern furniture and other custom woodwork. I enjoy the challenges of being a furniture designer, furniture builder, and business owner. The range of skills and tasks required, everything from machine maintenance to marketing, makes each day interesting and challenging.